Uusi jäsenetu: Better clinician project (BCP)

Better clincian project (BCP) on fysioterapia-alan ammatillinen verkkoportaali, joka sisältää yli 400 videota. Suomen Fysioterapeuttien jäsenet saavat 20 % alennuksen palvelun kuukausihinnasta (norm. £12/kk) tai vuosimaksusta (norm. £130). Alennuskoodin löydät täältä (kirjaudu ensin sivustolle jäsentunnuksillasi).

Hanki palvelu osoitteesta https://www.betterclinicianproject.com



The better clinician project (BCP) is a unique online subscription service offering high quality clinically relevant content at an affordable price point that provides extraordinary value for money.

The project was set up in 2019 by globally recognised clinicians Adam Meakins & Ben Cormack and has gone from strength to strength in this time. They regularly invite the cream of the worlds top clinicians & researchers to contribute to the BCPs content. 

The BCPs is designed to be clinically applicable with the motto of the BCP being “By clinicians, for clinicians” and this means that we place an emphasis on making our content as watchable and engaging as possible. 

We currently have members from all comers of globe, across a wide range of professions that deal with musculoskeletal health. Not only does the BCP provide content to its members, but it also focuses on providing a supportive community for discussion around clinical cases & many topics in MSK care.  

The BCP has over 400 instantly accessible videos across a wide range of topics from clinical topics around common MSK problem to real world case studies, research reviews and practical rehab demonstrations. We offer, at a single price point, collectively what many other platforms offer Individually, demonstrating again the BCPs superb value for money.